Project Description

The Expert Advisor was created using a set of tools of the software package Hlaiman EA Generator for automated trading for the following currency pairs: EURUSD, EURGBP, EURCHF, GBPUSD, GBPCHF. Timeframe is M30. The EA is easy to use — you can simply install it into the terminal and use it with default parameters. You can test the EA in strategy tester for free, for live trading you need to purchase the EA and set “Registration ID” parameter. Please make sure to allow WebRequest for «» URL (MT4 terminal menu — Tools — ExpertAdvisors tab) for registration of the EA.

Description of the parameters:

  • TradePairs — List of currency pairs that EA uses to open orders
  • Registration ID — Registration ID received after purchasing the product
  • Info panel type — Selection of the mode of information output
  • Info panel color scheme — Selection of the color scheme of the dashboard
  • Info panel font size — Dashboard font size selection
  • Money management type — Selection of management principles according to which the adviser will work
  • Order size — Order size in lots
  • Deposit percent — Order size as a percentage of the deposit
  • Max risk for 1 order — Maximum possible drawdown for one order (% of the deposit)
  • Max orders by pair — Maximum number of simultaneously opened orders for one currency pair
  • Stop trading — Stops the adviser in case of unsatisfactory trading results
  • Close orders when stop — Action that will be carried out with open orders in the event of an adviser stop due to unsatisfactory trading result
  • Depth of analyze (days) — Number of days to be taken for trade analysis
  • Max money loss to stop — Maximum loss after which the adviser will decide to stop trading
  • Max deposit percent loss to stop — Maximum loss as a percentage of the deposit, after which the adviser will decide to stop trading
  • Trailing stop — Trailing stop value
  • Trailing stop delay — The number of points that the price should go in the direction in which the order was opened before the trailing stop starts working
  • Take profit — Take profit value
  • Stop loss — Stop loss value
  • Trade style — Permissible risk level when the EA opens orders
  • Grider — Enable/Disable grider
  • Close orders in Friday — Action that will be carried out with open orders after the close of trading on Friday night
  • MondayOn – SundayOn — Enable/Disable trading activity on the days of the week
  • Pair prefix — Prefix of symbol name
  • Pair suffix — Suffix of symbol name
  • Order comment — Comment for orders opened by the EA
  • Magic — Identification number of orders opened by the EA