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    This is the first scalping EA designed to be introduced to the market using the Hlaiman EA Generator tools.
    The adviser is multicurrency and is based on the Random Forest machine learning model. He is trained on 4 currency pairs and the M5 timeframe.
    This adviser, like my other products, is based on the search for price patterns and differs in that it works on a different scale.

    TradePairs — Traded pairs (separated by commas);
    Lots — Lot size (if 0.0 then% of deposit is used);
    Percent — Lot size as% of the current deposit size;
    TakeProfit — Take profit size;
    StopLoss — Stop loss size;
    Trailing — Flag to enable trailing;
    TrailingStep — Trailing step size;
    BuyTolerance — Tolerance for generating a BUY signal;
    SellTolerance — Tolerance for generating a SELL signal;
    Grider — Grid activation (on / off);
    MaxPositions — Maximum active positions and grid steps;
    TradeTime — Trading time, in the format from HH: MM — to HH: MM;
    Magic — magic number for identifying advisor orders;
    The EA was trained on the EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD currency pairs using the MT5 ActivTrades server data.

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