Hlaiman Business proposal

System is oriented to a wide range of consumers, cost should not exceed cost of similar products and should be oriented to serial sales. The system should possess maximum functionality of clones presented in the market, during too time considering their disadvantages. The program component model should assume ample opportunities for program interaction and the stage-by-stage extension of functionality.

Human Life Artificial Intelligence Manager

Assistant for "Life in a virtual environment" - a universal, multi-engine in the decision all kinds of problems related to computers and the Internet, which has personal orientation on man, its user. Gradually, using the engine, each person will be able himself, step by step, to increase its functionality by adding to it more and more blocks - modules which will be automatically generated for him

Fast trained neural network.

The paper is dedicated to the basic architecture of the artificial neural network of a new type - the Progressive Artificial Neural Network (PANN) - and its new training algorithm. The PANN architecture and its algorithm when applied together provide a significantly higher training speed than the known types of artificial neural networks and methods of their training.