What is EA Generator?

EA Generator Generator is a simple but powerful tool to create expert advisors for trading based on your strategy, or based on a market strategy that has been automatically identified as a profitable one. The advisors are created based on neural networks and genetic algorithms. You can create an advisor without writing even single line of code.

How does it work?

To create an advisor, it is sufficient to choose a source of trading signals and then launch the self-learn process.

The following are the main sources of trading signals:

  1. Trading signals that are placed manually. Arrows on the terminal chart are manually placed trading signals (an arrow pointing up is a buy signal, while an arrow pointing down is a sell signal).
  2. Trading signals that are placed automatically. These signals are placed based on the price volatility specified by the trader.
  3. The trading history of a Meta Trader account.
  4. The trading results obtained in the strategy tester for any advisor.
  5. All the bars in a given period of time, used in order to identify the optimal trading strategy based strictly on the type of neural network selected.

Before the self-learn process is launched, the trade signals can be edited (either manually or automatically).

What is the purpose of this?

The product was developed to give traders access to all the power of neural network programming when trading on the forex market – without having to be a programmer or a scientist.

The main advantages of EA Generator

The availability of a wide range of advanced neural networks:

  1. Random Forest Decision Trees
  2. Modified Perceptron
  3. Back Propagation
  4. PANN

Ease of use

The creation of automated forex advisors based on your own strategies does not require any programming. Several clicks of the mouse are all that is needed to generate an advisor.

Flexibility and an extensive functionality menu

EA Generator lets you create any number of advisors and indicators. You can use them on any Meta Trader terminal, irrespective of the parent application that is used. Advisors and indicators have an open source code, which makes it possible to expand their functionality menu and use them with programs that belong to other developers.

All advisors created by EA Generator can be based on any number of different types of neural networks. The neural networks can use any instrument and timeframe. You can create multicurrency, multifunctional neural trading systems that take into account the correlation of financial instruments, trend filters, indicators, etc.

Hlaiman EA Generator.

A tool for creating automated Forex advisors, which trading by your personal trading strategy. Based on neural networks and genetic algorithms.