Project Description

Synapse EA superb based on the latest neural network algorithms that allow high-precision forecasting of future price fluctuations. The adviser can use several trading strategies based on standard indicators (RSI, RVI, ADX, CCI, MACD, Alligator, Ichimoku) in its work as a confirmation or attenuation of neural network signals. The user has the opportunity to combine these strategies at his discretion. Also available for use the algorithm we developed for setting the SL and TP levels, considering the levels of support and resistance, channel width, and extremes of the price chart. The advisor does not use grid, martingale or any other unsafe strategy. The advisor has a money management system that allows user to set both a fixed order size and calculate it based on the size of the deposit or the maximum allowable drawdown on one order. The Expert Advisor is pre-configured, so that it is enough for the user to install it and use it with default parameters. EA also has a system of tips that allows the user not to make a mistake when changing settings.  EA optimized to trade on currency pairs – EURUSD, EURGBP, AUDUSD, AUDCAD, USDCAD, GBPCHF, NZDJPY. Timeframe – H1.

You can download and test the EA in strategy tester. For live trading you need to purchase the EA and set “Registration ID” parameter. Please make sure to allow WebRequest for «» URL (MT4 terminal menu — Tools — Options — ExpertAdvisors tab) to register the EA.

Description of the parameters:

  • TradePairs  — List of currency pairs;
  • Info panel Enable/Disable info panel;
  • Info panel color schemeSelection of the color scheme of the dashboard;
  • Info panel font sizeDashboard font size selection;
  • Show tips – Enable/Disable EA configuration tips;
  • Order size calc. method — Selection of order size calculation method;
  • Order sizeOrder size in lots;
  • Depo percentOrder size as a percentage of the deposit;
  • Max risk – Order size as the maximum drawdown as a percentage of the deposit at the current stop loss level;
  • Orders quantity limit — Maximum number of orders for one currency pair;
  • Use RSI – Use strategy based on RSI indicator;
  • Use RVI – Use strategy based on RVI indicator;
  • Use CCI – Use strategy based on CCI indicator;
  • Use ADX – Use strategy based on ADX indicator;
  • Use MACD – Use strategy based on MACD indicator;
  • Use Alligator – Use strategy based on Alligator indicator;
  • Use Ichimoku – Use strategy based on Ichimoku indicator;
  • Stops auto calc. – Enable/Disable automatic calculation of stop loss and take profit values;
  • Trailing — Trailing stop value;
  • Take profit — Take profit value;
  • Stop loss — Stop loss value;
  • Max spread – maximum allowable spread;
  • PrefixPrefix of symbol name;
  • SuffixSuffix of symbol name;
  • CommentComment for orders;
  • Magic — Identification number of orders.