Project Description

Easy to use, fully automated neural network trading robot. Works on the H1 timeframe with four currency pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD). The levels of SL, TP and trailing stop are calculated according to the formula based on the current market situation, which allows the adviser to close the position on time, fixing the profit and excluding large drawdowns.


Instruments – currency pairs to trade;
Order size calc method – type of the calculation of the order size;
Fixed order size – size of the orders;
Percentage of the deposit – size of the orders as a percentage of the deposit;
Auto calc SL/TP – enable the automatic calculation of the SL/TP size;
Auto calc trailing stop – enable the automatic calculation of the trailing stop size;
Take profit / Stop loss / Traling stop – fixed sizes of SL/TP/trailing;
Max spread – limitation of max spread value for opening positions;
use GUI – use of the EA’s graphical interface;
GUI font size – size of the graphical interface font;
Order comment – comment for orders;
Orders magics – ID of the orders.