Project Description

Easy to use, fully automated neural network trading robot. Works on the H1 timeframe with seven currency pairs (EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, AUDCHF, AUDNZD, USDCHF, AUDCAD).


Instruments – currency pairs to trade;
Order size calc method – type of the calculation of the order size;
Fixed order size – size of the orders;
Percentage of the deposit – size of the orders as a percentage of the deposit;
Emergency stop – stops trading in case of negative results;
Close orders when stop – choosing an action option when emergency stops are triggered;
Depth of analyze (days) – time period for analyzing emergency stop trigger conditions;
Max money loss to stop – maximum losses in the deposit currency to trigger emergency stop;
Max deposit percent loss to stop – maximum losses as a percentage of the deposit for triggering emergency stop;
Take profit / Stop loss / Traling stop – fixed sizes of SL/TP/trailing;
Enable grid of orders – enable grid usage strategy;
Max grid orders – the maximum possible number of orders in the grid;
Grid multiplier – order size multiplier in the grid;
Grid step (points) – step between grid orders;
Grid profit (points) – general TP level for all grid orders;
Max spread – limitation of max spread value for opening positions;
use GUI – use of the EA’s graphical interface;
GUI font size – size of the graphical interface font;
Order comment – comment for orders;
Orders magics – ID of the orders.

Recommended deposit (for 0.01 lots):
With enabled grid – $150 per symbol;
With disabled grid – $100 for all symbols.