Project Description

An easy to use fully automated trading advisor that trades stocks of IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla, Google and Amazon. The EA can be used on a broker that allows stock trading, such as RoboForex. Automatic calculation of stop loss, take profit and trailing stop levels allows the EA to adapt to the volatility of any supported instrument and does not require individual settings for each symbol. The EA works on the M15 timeframe. To start trading, simply run one copy of the EA in the chart window of any supported instrument and the EA will trade on all symbols specified in the input parameters.


Instruments – lists of symbols for trading;
Order size definition method – method for calculating the size of an order;
Fixed order size / Percent of the deposit – parameters for calculating the order size;
Use RSI / Use RVI / Use ADX / Use MACD / Use CCI / Use Alligator / Use Ichimoku – enables the use of indicators as a confirming factor when opening an order;
Autocalc. SL / TP / Autocalc. trailing stop – enables automatic calculation of SL, TP levels and trailing stop;
Take Profit / Stop Loss / Trailing Stop – SL, TP and trailing stop levels applied when their auto calculation is disabled;
Max spread – the maximum spread level for opening an order;
Use GUI – turns on the output of the information panel;
GUI font size – information panel font size;
Orders comment / Orders magic – comment and magic number for orders opened by the EA;